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Why every retailer should have this Cloud Based Retail POS Software.

Thu Sep 12 15:52:39 UTC 2019 Admin

Before the days of cloud computing, businesses had to incur massive costs installing, managing and securing data on in house servers. This came with an inherent risk of losing all data if the servers crashed, was damaged, stolen or went up in flames.

Cloud computing secures data and cuts storage costs drastically. Sensitive data: receipts, customer invoices, daily sales, inventory, customer data, employees’ data etc. can all be managed remotely with a secure cloud-based retail POS software.

Cloud-based POS software is the latest trend in the retail business. Connected to a remote server through wireless connections it can be accessed through any mobile device - a Smartphone, a Tablet,a Laptop or a Desktop.

A cloud-based POS solution has the added advantage of helping retailers manage their business effectively across multiple channels; Brick and mortar, online, e-commerce, and third-party seamless integration. 

It has an even better advantage of being accessible without internet connection on an App.

The greatest advantage to retailers who have installed cloud-based POS is that they do not need to make huge investments to purchase hardware, layout infrastructure, or hire qualified employees. 

Retailers still using manual methods of data management;Excel sheets, Cash books or even old school Journals. do not know the comfort, ease, efficiency, and reliability they are missing without a fully integrated POS software.

What is POS retail software?
A POS or point of sale is the focal point of a retail business. It’s where customers pay for goods and services, sales records and inventory data is captured, customer data recorded, taxes calculated, cash receipts issued, and card payments debited. 

It can be a simple cash register, an in house data-based computer network, or cloud-based software. POS is the nerve centre of every business.

Retailers who have installed cloud-based POS enjoy multiple benefits; unlimited server memory high bandwidth, security and reliability. They have access to an efficient fast customer data management system.

How do you install a POS software?
A good POS is easy to install and can be integrated with all sales channels: - In-store, on the web, and on your smartphone.
Once the App is installed a retailer should integrate data capturing devices, - monitor, tablet/Ipad or smartphone, card readers, bar scanners, registers, an EMV compliant credit card reader, and a receipt printer.

How does POS software helps your business?
A vital component of an agile POS software is data security coupled with ease of use, backed up with an efficient customer care service. It should have the following features that help streamline the retailing business.

 1. Sales management
Sales transactions data is an important component of a business, correct record management is vital to the business’ integrity, POS software keeps correct sales records and runs relevant reports when they are needed.

 2.Customer record capture
In the era of customer loyalty programs, correct customer data capturing at the point of sales is an important feature of a POS.

 3.Inventory record management
Stock keeping and stock-taking records are crucial to the survivability of a retail business, an integrated POS software records the inventory sold and inventory received.

4.Staff record management
 Keeping track of employees working hours, shifts, sales targets, etc. helps a retail business monitor productivity, reward performing employees, and encourage laggers.

What unique features should you look for in a POS?
A POS that is written in a cloud-native programming language guarantees retailers ease of system patches and upgrades.

Important information - Business intelligence and Real-time analytics, market insights etc. should be displayed on your smartphone in real-time. This helps hasten response time by business managers, entrepreneurs and directors.

Why this POS software?

Scantranx POS software has been developed with the busy retailer in mind, it’s seamlessly integrated, works across multiple channels, is accessible on your smartphone, backed up with a 24/7 hour customer care support.

It was developed to serve businesses of all sizes and can be downloaded on any media anywhere in the world.

 You don’t have to take our word, download your free trial and find out for yourself.

Most importantly Scantranx is easy to set up on any E-Commerce platform and has the following unique features of any POS software:

 - Set-up online presence and E-Commerce platform. 

 - Manage multi-location retail outlets using a single Inventory Management System.

 - Provide your customers with Unique Shopping experience via a Unique Android Point of Sale (POS) application.

 - Reduce business operational costs by Connecting Physical Stores with E-commerce platform with just a single software.

 - Accept modern payment methods such as Credit Cards, Interac, GooglePay and ApplePay.

 - Make informed business decisions using real-time report and Analytics.

 - Improve customer experience by implementing an Automated CRM and Customer Loyalty Plan.

 - Avoid hidden setup fees, Enjoy flexible payment plans and easily scale according to business growth

Like we said before, you don’t have to take our word, start your free trial right away and enjoy these features.


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Scantranx is a Cloud Based Omni-channel Retail POS software that help retailers increase sales, save costs, and enhance customer experience by integrating In-Store and Online sales channels. Our platform provides retailers with unique integrated components such as a powerful Smart Inventory management system, Mobile Point of Sales, built-in API for third party integration, and a powerful analytics dashboard to make informed business decisions in real-time. Scantranx integrates every aspect of a retail business in a single, easy-to-use package.