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Cloud-Based POS Software for Retailers: A Complete Guide

Retailers are faced with a variety of challenges that can make it challenging to stay competitive. These challenges include managing inventory, hiring the right staff, and making sure your customers are happy. But one of the biggest challenges for retailers is finding POS software. There are plenty of options out there, but not all of them are created equally. This guide will help you find the best POS software for your company. From understanding what to look for in a POS software...

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Scantranx Named amongst the best eCommerce Companies in New Brunswick by Best Startup Canada.

We are thrilled to announce we have been featured in the Best Startup Canada Magazine as one of the top e-Commerce Companies in New Brunswick, Canada. 

Scantranx solutions has been helping retailers and brands to increase sales and productivity using modern and unique technologies. Ever since the global pandemic hit, retailers have started switching towards different online mediums. With the seamless integration services across all ...

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Scantranx Retail POS and Inventory Management Solution recognized by Corporate Vision Magazine as the Best Cloud Based POS and eCommerce Solutions Company.

We are excited to announce that Corporate Vision has named Scantranx the Best Cloud Based POS and eCommerce Solutions Company as part of this year's Technology Innovator Awards. The award recognizes Scantranx contribution to the growth of small and medium sized businesses through innovation, expertise, and creativity.

Innovation is the true driver of the technological landscape. It’s through the efforts of companies both large and small that the business world can cont...

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Introducing: Scantranx POS Integration with QuickBooks Online.

We are excited to announce the Integration of our Retail POS software with Intuit QuickBooks Online. This integration will help retailers using our solution be more productive, save cost and deliver an improved customer experience in this challenging time. This is one of the major ways in which Scantranx is helping small and medium size businesses to get back on track during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Omnichannel Retail Solutions and Strategies.

Omnichannel Retail Solutions and Strategies.

The omni-channel platform is beneficial in delivering more regular customer experience across all channels. With a centralized management system, retailers can efficiently remove barriers and create a more consistent shopping experience for customers

Omnichannel isn't a buzzword anymore, there are several com...

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4 Methods That Innovative Companies Use Omnichannel Retail.

Nowadays , we are experiencing a shift in the shopping habits of consumers. Gone were the days when brick and mortar stores rule the retail industry. There was a time when shoppers have to touch and try on the products before they purchase it. Not anymore. It has become less of a concern for the millennial consumer. Instead, social media presence, br...

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Why every retailer should have this Cloud Based Retail POS Software.

Before the days of cloud computing, businesses had to incur massive costs installing, managing and securing data on in house servers. This came with an inherent risk of losing all data if the servers crashed, was damaged, stolen or went up in flames.

Cloud computing secures data and cuts storage costs drastically. Sensitive data: receipts, customer invoices, daily sales, inv...

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