Modern Retail Solution with Unique Features.

Scantranx provides you with 360° Retail Solution and unique features for your modern business. Managing single location to multiple locations, E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce? Our solution has been designed as a perfect fit for your business.

unique features

Omni-Channel Solution

Integration of In-Store and Online Channels.
Scantranx allows you to provide your customers with great experience by allowing them to move across different channels easily. Both your offline and online channels are well connected and seamlessly integrated. Whether a transaction is processed In-Store or online, Scantranx updates your inventory instantly and in real-time. This great feature allow your customers to Buy Online, Pickup InStore (BOPIS) or commence a transaction online and finalize it In-Store without the need to start all over again.

Personalized Marketing.
You can create a personalized and targeted marketing campaigns with Scantranx Integrated Marketing tools. This helps you to increase your customer retention and aquire new customers easily.

Centralized Data.
Tired of Managing multiple systems or merging Excel files? Scantranx will help you to centralize all your business data and provide you with one view of all your business data.

Single and Centralized Inventory.
Easily Manage both your physical and online store with just a single Inventory System. No need to setup separate software for all your sales channels.

omnichannel solution

Inventory Management

Stock Management
Manage your stocks easily across different channels. Scantranx allows you to transfer products between locations. Our built-in product level alert system notifies you when a product in stock is at a predefined level.

Unlimited Product
You can add multiple products to your inventory. All Scantranx plan comes with an unlimited product feature.

Barcode System
Easily generate barcode labels for your items with our integrated barcode tools for simple inventory tracking.

Bulk Import and Export
You can quickly import your inventory to Scantranx via excel template for easy setup. This feature saves you time when setting up your system or adding new product to the inventory.

Realtime Update
Whether a transaction occurs In-store or online, Scantranx update your inventory in real-time. This helps you to see what's in stock and to determine products that needs be be re-ordered quickly.

inventory management software

Point of Sales (POS)

Frictionless Checkout
Checkout customer quickly and easily to avoid queues in your Brick and Mortar Stores. You can process sales and transactions with just few steps - No lengthy process to ring a sale.

Hold or Freeze Sale
You can hold or freeze transactions for later processing. You can suspend a sale to attend to another customer on the queue.

Online and Offline Mode
Internet downtime? No problem. Scantranx POS works perfectly offline and automatically sync once the connection is restored.

Split Payment
You can accept multiple modes of payments for a sale. Scantranx allows you to accept split payments from customers using multiple payment methods such as Credit Cards, Cash and Wallet.

Digital Receipt
Want to go paperless? Scantranx digital receipt feature will enable you to send receipt to customers via email.

retail pos software

E-Commerce Solution

Integrated E-Commerce
Scantranx comes with an Integrated eCommerce capabilities. No need to subscribe to other platform to sell online. All online orders and customer data are sync in realtime and managed from single dashboard.

Quick & Easy Setup
You can launch your online store quickly in minutes. No coding skills or complicated configuration required.

Free Website Templates
Select one of the Integrated professional e-commerce templates to launch your online store quickly. Whatever the nature of your business, you will find a suitable template to setup your ecommerce and start accepting online orders in no time.

Payment Integration
Scantranx is readily integrated with different Payment gateways such as Stripe , Moneris, Elavon and Paystack to accept online payment from your e-commerce website. Just enter your banking information and you are good to go.

ecommerce software

Customer Management

Customer Profile
You can profile new customer and edit the details of an existing one. Keep track your customers shopping habits to send them targeted promotions which in turn boost your sales.

Loyalty Program
Scantranx comes with a built-in loyalty plan that works both In-Store and online. This helps you rewards your customers based on points, number of visits or volume of transactions.

Purchase History
Our software allows you to keep track of customers' shopping history. This supports your marketing efforts by sending personalized and targeted promotions based on past purchases.

Wallet Management
The Wallet feature allows you to take advance payments from customers or make a credit sale. You can Credit or Debit customers wallet account easily.

customer loyalty program

Accounting Tools

QuickBooks Online Integration
Scantranx sync all your business and accounting data to QuickBooks in real-time to save you time and increase your productivity. All Sales and Customer information are sent to QuickBooks from the Scantranx POS in real-time. Whether a transaction happens via e-commerce or In-Store, Scantranx instantly sends it to QuickBooks online. All your Items, Invoice and Purchase Order from Scantranx are also sync with QuickBooks automatically to simplify your accounting tasks.

You can create professional invoice and send it to customers via email right from the Scantranx back-office. No additional software is required to track your revenue.

Purchase Order
Create Purchase Orders and send to your vendors or suppliers within minutes. Everything happens with just a click of button.

Record and track your business expenses across all your business locations including all payments made for services such as Rents, Salary and more.

You can create and manage all your suppliers using this feature. Keep detailed information about your vendors such as Name, Company, Telephone and more.

basic accounting

Reporting & Analytics

Sales Report
Generate sales report easily with just a click of a button. You can view sales revenue for predefined or custom periods.

Location Report
Running your business in multiple locations? Scantranx allows you to see all location reports on a single dashboard.

Stock Report
You can view reports on stock that were added or removed from the inventory easily. Whether the stock is added to your physical location or online, our software present the report to you in a simple and meaningful way.

Payment Report
Scantranx provides you with a comprehensive report on all your payment information. You can generate report on different modes of payment such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Wallet and Bank Transfer.

Expenses Report
You can generate report for all your business related expenses over a period of time. With this feature, you can keep track of all your expenses in a simple and efficient way..

reporting analytics

Data Management

Centralized Data
All your business data are stored centrally. No more scattered data for all your sales channels. All business information can be accessed easily through out the whole organization.

Automated Data Backup
Never lose your business data again due to damaged hardware or crashed software. Scantranx was designed to ensure that all business and system generated data are backed up to our dedicated cloud server to ensure you always have access to them especially when things go wrong with your workstation and terminals.

Enhanced Security
We take data security and privacy seriously. All your business data are stored on our dedicated cloud server with best security practices.

data management

Store Management

Employee Management
Create employee accounts with roles and privileges. You can assign each employee to corresponding locations.

Multi Location
Managing single to multiple outlets? Our solution grows with your business. You can add new outlets or registers within minutes. Expand your business with no fear.

Remote Access
As a cloud based solution, you can monitor your business from anywhere, anytime via the internet. Stay updated with your business. Whether you are at home, work or on the go.

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