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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Scantranx before getting started.

frequently asked questions

What is Scantranx ?

Scantranx is a cloud based Inventory management, Point of Sales (POS) and eCommerce solution designed to effectively and efficiently manage your inventory operations and sales transactions. It works optimally for both single and multiple sales channels. Whether it is Online Store only, multiple physical stores or a combination of physical and online sales channels.

What hardware do you provide for retailers?

We can provide you with a complete desktop POS system i.e. Cash register, Thermal printer, Customer Display Unit, Laser Scanner, Barcode Printer and Cash Box or parts.

Can I use my hardware with the Scantranx POS application?

Yes, you can but to get the best user experience we recommend the Scantranx Hardware.

How do I accept payment from my customers?

You can accept payment through bank transfer, credit card, Cash, Gift cards, Coupons. Possible payment mode is a function of the platform of transaction.

I want an Online store only. Can I use Scantranx?

Absolutely, Scantranx has an e-commerce platform with professional website templates to ensure you set up your online store as quickly as possible.

Is there a limit to the number of POS system I can use with my account?

Yes, the number of POS you can use depends on your service subscription plan.

Can I still use Scantranx POS during internet down-time ?

Yes, Scantranx POS has an offline mode that enables you to continue your transaction whenever there is internet downtime, once internet connection is restored, all data would be synchronized.

All I need is to manage my inventory, can Scantranx work for me ?

Yes, it can perfectly work for you. You can decide to sign up and not install the point of sale application software if you do not need it.

How much does it cost to Start using to Scantranx?

On sign-up, you would be given full free access based on your selected package for 14 days. Subsequently, you would be required to pay a monthly access fee of $19.99, $49.99 and $99.99 for the BASIC, STARTER and PRO plan respectively.

What is the cost of the subscription packages?

Scantranx is available in three subscription packages: BASIC STARTER, and PRO Packages at $19.99, $49.99 and $49 respectively. We also provide custom service which works on special terms and conditions.

Can Scantranx manage more than one physical store ?

Yes, Scantranx is built to effectively manage multiple physical stores and its also a great choice in managing single store.

What if I sell through my physical store, e-commerce website and/or a mobile commerce application

Scantranx would help you eliminate the stress of maintaining different inventory for your different sales channels, this means you can centrally and effectively manage all your sales channels with Scantranx. This is one of the ways we help retailers to save stress, money and time.

My business operates several locations/branches with a central office, would Scantranx be sufficient for our inventory operations ?

Yes, Scantranx can centrally manage all your business locations including warehouse in an efficient and effective way.

How do I easily migrate my product and customer data to Scantranx ?

You can migrate your inventory easily by simply importing your item list in excel format.

Can I change my subscription plan anytime I deem necessary ?

Yes, you have the liberty to either upgrade your subscription plan anytime you need to.

If I operate a seasonal business can I halt subscription and still keep my data till next business season?

You need to make a special request to our customer support service which would be treated as required. Our system keeps inactive account record for a stipulated period.

Is Scantranx compatible with my already existing hardware ?

Scantranx is compatible with most hardware, giving you one time seamless connection to your system unit and peripherals. However, you can check our recommended hardware with required minimum specification.

Can I use Scantranx on my tablet and mobile phone ?

You can easily access your back office using any hardware type, tablet, minimum of 7" tablet and your computer systems. While transaction checkouts can be effectively carried out using a tablet or computer system.

How do I accept payment from my customers during checkout ?

You can accept payment through bank transfer, credit card, Cash, Gift cards, Coupons. Possible payment mode is a function of the platform of transaction.